Surviving from Aftermath of Earthquake!

Surviving from Aftermath of Earthquake. What YOU can do to HELP!

It is well known that aftermath of Earthquake can be more destructive and take more lives than the Earthquake itself. But if acted on time this can be prevented or limited to minimal damage and can save many lives.

The immediate effect of Earthquake results in:
1.    Mass Destruction of man-made structures and houses, landslides and flash floods
2.    Mass loss of human and livestock’s lives by falling of these man-made structures or landslides
3.    Lack of shelter, clean drinking water, food
4.    Lack of proper toilets, latrines and proper waste disposals
5.    Difficulty of getting medical help or getting out due to either destruction of roads or lack of roads
6.    Crowding of survivals in one place for shelters in relief camps.

These then leads to immediate aftermath effect of Earthquake, mainly:
Spread of communicable infective diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & E and Influenza. These diseases can potentially outbreak to become epidemic and take many lives. Especially young children and elderly are most susceptible and may die.

The cause of these outbreaks are Microorganisms – mainly Bacteria and Viruses.
They are transmitted to humans through Oral route, i.e. by eating food or drinking water contaminated by these Microorganisms. Thus, all our efforts must be directed towards:
1.    Preventing contamination of these organisms to food and water. Here most important role plays proper sanitation, proper toilets and latrines, keeping the surrounding of the relief camps and crowded area clean, proper waste disposals. Spraying of Chlorine (powder or liquid) regularly in the toilets and areas of waste.
2.    Hygiene: washing hands with soap before eating and after toilet.
3.    Drinking only clean water disinfected either by boiling or by chlorine
4.    Eating only properly cooked foods and avoid raw vegetables.
5.    Wearing masks. Helps during influenza outbreak.
6.    Isolating people with diarrhea and fever. Separate tents and toilets for them.
In short: Hygiene, hygiene an hygiene.


What can YOU do to HELP?

You can help
1.    By spreading this awareness at the effected areas.
2.    Providing proper shelter, food and clean water and water disinfectant to victims
3.    Help them build a temporary Latrine and teach them on disinfecting it with chlorine.
4.    Patients with diarrhea and fever need to be isolated and treated as soon as possible.
5.    Most important you yourself have to follow these and stay healthy and not become a potential source of spreading the disease.
6.    You can join one of our team as a volunteer to go to Earthquake effected area and help by giving awareness to the villagers, or help us build the latrine or just any kind of help.
7.    You can help us by providing medical supplies, diagnostic kits. Any help is precious at the moment.

Or you can join us. What will we be doing?
1.    We will be going to Earthquake affected areas. Do a quick medical survey of the area. Identify potential sources and potential environment for disease outbreak.
2.    We will give awareness and distribute awareness leaflets
3.    Screen the people with diarrhea and fever by our doctors
4.    On spot lab test for the stool and blood for early diagnosis of Cholera, dysentery and typhoid.
5.    Treatment of sick patients.
6.    Help in isolation of the sick.
7.    Follow up in later dates.
8.    We will try to collaborate with other organizations who are involved in providing relief materials, but do not have a medical team, and also try to have a team who can build the temporary latrines (toilets)

If you want to help or have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us.

Earthquake - United We Stand Strong

On 25th April 2015, 11:56 AM: 7.9 Magnitude of Devastating Earthquake hits Nepal. The shattering force moves towards the East and destroys more than 90% of houses on its way starting from Epicenter-Gorkha and moving towards Dhading, Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Kavre and Sindhupalchowk, effecting total 14 districts in Nepal, killing more than 8000 people (casualties still rising) and more than 15000 injured and more than 8 million population were effected. This is the worst quake to strike Nepal after 82 years, destroying most of the UNESCO protected historic monuments of Nepal to dust.

Our Country Nepal is crippled. But the enthusiasm shown by the fellow countrymen was an example to everyone. All those who survived, without second thoughts, rushed to help everyone all over Nepal, with rescue and relief operations, done through organizations or individual efforts, often putting their own life at risks and overcoming the thousand hurdles and hundreds of aftershocks.  This enthusiasm only proved that Earthquake broke us, but we will rise even Stronger.

We, at Advanced Polyclinic, started rescue and relief operation within couple of hours after the devastating Earthquake. Our staff of Advanced Polyclinic, Pokhara Branch along with the staff of Avia Club Nepal, moved towards Gorkha the Epicenter on Avia Club Nepal’s jeep (4WD) with whatever rescue and relief materials we could gather and till today we are supplying relief materials everyday to 3 villages of Gorkha and evacuating the injured to Pokhara for hospital treatment. Those who have been discharged from hospital and nowhere to go back were provided with Shelter, food, blankets and sleeping mats in Pokhara. The effort is still continued with our staff still going to Gorkha everyday.

After a week of Earthquake we could finally open our Kathmandu Branch and started operating fully. Many of our staff lost their houses and taking shelters in camps, tents or relatives or neighbors. Despite this fact, everyone turned up with more eagerness to work even harder and whatever they can to restore our Country. Our respect and hats off to all the staff who were directly involved on providing rescue and relief to the victims, and also for turning up to work being the victims themselves. With this spirit and enthusiasm we are sure that we will rise even stronger after this devastating calamity.

Immediately, we announced FREE treatment in our clinics for Earthquake victims. Many people got minor injuries, which couldn’t get proper help due to overcrowded hospitals with more sever injuries that required immediate attention. These patients can now come to us for the proper treatment.

We are now simultaneously focusing on the aftermath of the Earthquake. We have immediately formed the Task-force among our staff and will make adequate plans on what we can do on Prevention of Epidemics of Communicable diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Hepatitis and other communicable diseases that are certain to outbreak after the Earthquake and will be responsible for additional lost lives. We will be closely communicating with the relief operation with other organizations and government and outreach the effected areas with our mobile clinic and on spot diagnosis and treatment of any diseases that can potentially turn into outbreaks.  We are also planning to provide FREE diagnostic and treatment services in our clinics for all the patients with diarrhea and fever, so that we can diagnose the potentially epidemic diseases at early stage and intervene early to prevent the outbreak.

These efforts are just the drop in the ocean, but with combined effort of all fellow citizens of Nepal, every drop combined will form an Ocean and combined we will restore our Country even Stronger.

Those who wish to join us are warmly welcomed. Every help is precious. You can help by just volunteering during our outreach health camps to the effected areas, by providing us with medical supplies and diagnostic kits, or by providing us transportation or joining us with relief materials like food, water, sanitary pads, water disinfectants like chlorine, and also those who are involved in making temporary toilets will be of great help.

United we Stand Strong!

For more information please kindly contact us.

Advanced Polyclinic

Kathmandu Clinic:
Pani Pokhari/Lazimpat (opposite to Japanese Embassy)
TeL:(977-1) 4431078, 4443386

Pokhara Clinic:
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