Spicy Food May Prolong Life!

Love Spicy Food? Good news! 

Eating spicy food regularly may prolong life, as shown by a recent research done on half a million people over the period of 7 years. This research showed that eating spicy food regularly, specially fresh chillies can decrease the chance of death up to 14%. It also showed that fresh chillies are better than the dry chillies. Regular spicy food consumption showed to decrease the rate of death from Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke and Diabetes. Such benefits of spicy food is believed to be from anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant bioactive compounds found in the chilly.

As Nepal being pretty much lover of chillies, as usual "Aachar" goes as a  part of every meal, most Nepalese consume chilly almost everyday. Why some consume them more and more, while some tolerates them less? The hot burning sensation that comes from biting a Chilly is due to a chemical known as Capsaicin. Once consumed it activates the nerve receptors in our tongue and mouth and sends the signal to the brain that gives us the Hot sensation. Eating spicy food is basically the habit and culture that we grow up, and with this habit we gradually increase our tolerance to hot chillies. 

There has been a myth for a long time that hot chillies causes Gastric Ulcers. However many researches over time proved that there is no relationship between eating chillies and the cause of Gastric Ulcers. 

So Spicy food lovers- enjoy your spicy food. It shows only to benefit your health and even may prolong your life! Bon Appetite!

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