Benefits of Bandha and Blockage on Health

As we all know we are facing a month long Economical Blockage from our Neighboring Country and we are facing the scarcity for day to day lives’ goods, including the cooking Gas,  fuel, food and etc etc.


Amidst this tough times, there are few benefits as well.

1.     No fuel = less traffic. Less traffic=less pollution. Less pollution=Health benefits. The air in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara has really improved in this past couple of weeks. The hazy cloud of smoke over the city is gone. This will lead to decrease in respiratory illness, allergies and good for people with asthma.

2.     No fuel = less transportation. Less Transportation = more walking (cycling). More walking = Health benefits. Regular exercise help in many ways, among which are it prevents Diabetes, prevents high blood pressure, controls Cholesterol, controls Obesity (over weight), helps depression, decreases mental stress, makes your bones and muscles strong.

3.     No fuel = less transport vehicles. Less transport = less variety of food products. Less food products = rely on local vegetables = healthy diet.

4.    Ultimately priorities will change from Luxury to basic needs, which will make us more happy, as our demands and expectations will decrease. This will lead to less mental stress. More happiness. Blood pressure will decrease. Just like the phenomenon we observed after the April 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.



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