Echocardiography or as frequently called just ECHO is ultrasound of the heart. Today Echo has literally replaced the old conventional stethoscope for a cardiologist. With Echo, Cardiologist can see all the chambers of the heart, all the valves, all the layers of the heart and pumping action of all the chambers in real time. Even the the blood flow through all the valves and in chambers can be easily seen in Echo with Colour Doppler. Today every cardiologist is helpless without Echo. This is very important tool to diagnose all sorts of heart disease including the pumping capacity of the heart chambers, conditions of all the valves (narrowing or leakage of valve), size of the chambers, congenital (birth-defects) heart conditions and many more.


In Kathmandu APC clinic we have the latest Japanese made Hitachi Echo machine with Colour Doppler and Tissue Doppler facilities. Pokhara APC clinic is equipped with Latest German made Siemens Echo machine with Colour Doppler and Doppler facility to study blood vessel for any part of the body.

All our doctors - cardiologists are experts on performing Echocardiography both in Kathmandu and Pokhara Clinics. You need to have an appointment to make your stay short and efficient with minimum waiting time. Echocardiography is also a part of many preventive health check-up packages in APC.

Contact us for more information or an appointment. We will get back you as soon as possible.

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Kathmandu Clinic:
Pani Pokhari/Lazimpat (opposite to Japanese Embassy)
TeL:(977-1) 4431078, 4443386

Pokhara Clinic:
S&S Complex, New Road (100 meters North from City Hall)
Tel: (061) 522984, 522985

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